Sunday, March 10, 2013


Spirit does not discriminate.  Spirit loves all.  We incarnate in different shapes, sizes, and colors as beings on this planet.  Since Spirit creates and accepts us as we are, who are we to reject ourselves and others?

Every day we are bombarded with messages from the media, from advertising, from the workplace, from society about how we should act, how we should look, how we should think.  We are told which clothes to wear, what to eat, which organizations and clubs to belong to, and so on.  It's a never-ending barrage of messaging that batters self-esteem and self-confidence, especially if we are not careful or aware.  Our ego lies to us, telling us that if we don't lose weight or wear the right clothes or join the right group, we are nothing; we are less than perfect.  We get caught in the trap of trying to prove ourselves over and over, constantly looking for validation of our worth from others and ourselves.  We compare ourselves to others, and when we don't measure up to someone else's standards, we crumble in self-despair.  It's no wonder people fall into a viperous pit of depression and self-loathing.  How do we begin to break this cycle?

First, we must accept lies for what they are:  lies.  We are divine beings, and when we are aligned with Spirit, we realize how lies try to define and defeat us.  Saying no to these lies becomes our "spiritunity" to transcend the untruths that bite at us.  We come to understand that we are divinely created, "perfect" just the way we are, and we have nothing to prove to anyone.  By adopting this attitude, we begin to remove fear and doubt from our lives.  Our Higher Self has no need for such emotions because they impede our inner peace.  Spirit renews our mind.  Our perspective changes.  When our perspective changes, the things around us begin to change.

Second, when we practice and accept ourselves as unique, divine creations, we free ourselves from anxiety and anguish when things don't go as planned for us.  There are things and situations we can change and influence, and there are those we cannot.  The things we cannot change, we leave to Spirit.  This allows us to open up to more which we can influence.  Instead of listening to and wrestling with the ego, we allow our intuition and inner guidance system to lead us in the direction of our Higher Self.  We learn to trust Divine Timing.

Third, as we accept the way of Spirit and as we accept ourselves as divine, we find ourselves being led to judge less.  The ego's best weapon is prejudgment.  Become aware of the judgment process.  Go back in your mind to a time when others judged you without knowing you.  How did it make you feel?  Did your body tighten?  Did you feel hurt and anger?  The ego loves this!  As divine creations, we use our renewed perspective to see others as extensions of ourselves; we understand that we are all of the same spiritual energy.  If we judge others, we judge ourselves.

Spirit offers us the gifts of acceptance and unconditional love.  We can let go of any pretenses and be who we are.  If others do not accept us because we think and act differently, that is not our problem; it is solely theirs.  Nothing we can do or say will change their minds, nor do we need to defend ourselves to those who are not willing to open their minds.  We can only extend our hand in love, leave them in peace, and hope that their eyes of understanding will someday open.

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