Saturday, March 9, 2013

Accessing Spirit

We all want access to Spirit.  It's our birthright.  There can be no healing or growth without a personal connection to a source of spiritual guidance.  We all want to know what is our highest good, the right direction for ourselves, and how to manifest what we desire.  While some people feel the need to trek through distant lands to find a guru to guide them in connecting with Spirit, surprisingly, however we can access Spirit right where we are, and it's not hard to do.  But, first, we must raise our level of vibration.

The spiritual realm and the physical plane here on Earth operate at different frequencies, the spiritual realm vibrating at a higher frequency than the physical.  To understand frequency, think of tuning into a radio station.  When we tune into a station, the sound comes through crystal clear, but as soon as we are out of range, static sets in, the frequency drops, and we lose connection.  Or, imagine walking into a room full of angry, negative people.  Tension hangs in the hair, filling the room with a heaviness -- a low frequency -- than can be quite stifling.  Compare that to a room full of loving, joyous, positive people; this room has a feeling of lightness -- a high frequency -- that uplifts us.  We can tune into that negativity or positivity; it's our choice.  But, if we are to access our Inner Guidance System, Spirit, God, we need to raise our frequency to a higher level.

There are many things we can do to raise our vibration level, but it must first start with our intent.  Intention is the most powerful tool we have in our spiritual repertoire.  No action we take will increase our frequency without our intent.  This is our "spiritunity" to examine what our intentions are, if we are to access Spirit.  We incarnate onto this planet with free will; this means we choose to be loving or unloving, kind or unkind, open or closed, etc.  When our intent is to be loving, kind, and open, we are seeking to take responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, and our feelings.  Likewise, if our intent is to be unloving, unkind, and closed, we lower ourselves, our vibration, only to attract more of the same in our lives.  Ask, what is my intent?  Am I trying to hurt or help the situation?  Am I loving myself and others, or am I inviting and doing harm to all?

Once we set our intentions in the spirit of love, we automatically raise our frequency, and once we have this intent, there are many methods to use to further increase our vibration.  This can be done through prayer, meditation, yoga, tai chi, dance, chanting, whirling, music, creative or artistic activities, burning incense, gardening, spending time in nature, and much more.  Use your gift of imagination to find or create what feels right for you.

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