Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adapting to Change

The natural world teaches us the power of change.  When we examine the cycles of seasons, we see the promise of spring as it births newness, the ripeness of summer as it nourishes new growth, the fullness of fall as it matures for harvest, and the quietness of winter as it gives rest.  We see how each season adapts to the next, working together for the good.  No season is without its worth.
Spirit speaks to us through these seasons, teaching us how to adapt to the changes in the seasons of our lives.  We discover the spiritunity for growth, expansion, fulfillment, and eventually, completion and transition of one’s life from one realm of existence to another.  While some of us adapt more easily than others, there are some who need a little more assurance or reassurance to move forward in life.  Changing or adapting “traditional” beliefs, the beliefs we learned from parents, teachers, and other authority figures in our lives, can be unsettling and upsetting. 

When our belief system is shattered, we are left with little or no foundation on which to stand.  We try to patch the pieces; we try to regain control, only to find ourselves having to move on, for our own good, whether we like it or not.  We can choose to remain stagnant, or we can embrace the spiritunity for what it is -- the chance to experience life from a new perspective.  When we open our minds and hearts to Spirit, we find assurance by reaffirming our trust in It’s infinite wisdom.  Of course, it is impossible for us to envision or understand Spirit’s plan in its totality, and this can seem bewildering or unfair, but that’s when we need to be open-minded to Infinite Wisdom.  We can choose to go with the flow of life to see where it will take us.  We can be the mighty oak that topples in the storm, or we can be the graceful willow that bends and flows with the winds of change.

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