Thursday, March 7, 2013

Answering the Call of Spirit

When spiritunity knocks on the door of our heart, we are immediately faced with a choice.  Do we answer the call, or do we dismiss it?  What happens when we answer?  What happens when we don’t answer?  How do we answer?  

Spirit expresses itself to us in diverse ways.  Answering the call to Spirit may be gradual or sudden, or it may take an on-again, off-again approach.  It could be a whisper, a shout, or a gentle, undefinable, unexplainable, undeniable tug on the heart.  My own call came when I was a child, exploring nature.  I was ever the adventurer, conquering new territory, even if it was only the woods and fields down by the railroad tracks behind our house.  I couldn’t wait to escape the confines of my room to connect with nature.  I felt a deep rapport with the trees, the creek, the different birds, and the spirit of the forest.  I shared a deep alliance with something mysterious, something greater than myself.  I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was something good.  I knew I could rely on its guidance.  I had no words for what I felt.  I knew it as a passionate feeling of connection with something intimate, something much closer than my next breath. 

Sometimes, spiritunity comes in the form of our day or night dreams.  We may find ourselves wanting and needing to give voice to creative endeavors, such as art or music or writing, so much that these activities begin to vie for our attention in such a way that we can no longer deny them.  Some of us may feel called to give voice to caretaking, healing, teaching, or guiding.  Ask yourself what you feel called to do.  

At other times, spiritunity comes in the form of emotional crisis, illness, loss, or a near-death experience.  While misfortune happens in our lives, and while painful, we discover that it has a spiritual dimension, if we choose to listen to and learn from the experience.  

The call of Spirit may take the form of magical synchronicities.  In our search for answers, we may come across the right book or the right person or the right program in the exact moment of inner readiness.  We find that with our call comes the help we need to fulfill that call.  We can’t help but be grateful for what Deepak Chopra calls “synchrodestiny.”  

After hearing the call of Spirit, in whatever form it takes, we are left with the choice of answering it or ignoring it altogether, but even then, the call may grow stronger the more we ignore it.  Remember Jonah in the Christian bible and how he ignored God’s call to the point that he tried to escape via ship?  He continued to ignore his call and in desperation found himself overboard only to be swallowed up by a whale for three days until he came to his senses.  When the whale spit him out on the beach, Jonah ended up exactly where he was supposed to be.  He couldn’t ignore it any longer.  He answered the call, though reluctantly.  God needed Jonah to do a job that only Jonah was called to do. 

If you choose to answer the call of Spirit, listen to it.  Give voice to what it is nudging you to express.  Spirit will point the way through various mediums -- people, places, things, animals, nature, etc. -- but the discipline and dedication of fully answering that call is up to you.  Why would you answer it?  Because you received it.  

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