Friday, March 8, 2013

Awaiting the Spirit's Next Move

We’ve opened our hearts to Spirit, and now we find ourselves awaiting the next steps, whatever they may be.  This is where we tend to grow frustrated because things aren’t happening as fast as we would like them to happen.  This becomes our spiritunity, our lesson, in developing patience.  

We live in a world of convenience.  We are spoon-fed consumerism, raised on technology, and we end up reciting the mantra, I want what I want and I want it now!  We don’t know how to slow down, and we certainly don’t like to wait.  When we are forced to wait, we get cranky and irritable, lowering our vibrational level, thus opening ourselves to negativity.  We begin finding even the smallest things unbearable and intolerable.  Anger sets in.  We can't take it anymore. We explode.  We have lost this spiritunity to change ourselves because of our greedy little ego throwing a tantrum.

No one ever said that developing patience is easy.  It takes discipline.  It takes dedication.  It takes a lot of practice.  Some of us learn rather quickly, and some of us continue to wrestle with our egos for quite some time.  But, there are steps we can take to learn the art of awaiting the Spirit and its timing.  

First, we must let go of our need to control the situation.  Our impatience will not change it; in fact, it may prolong it, which adds to stress.  Acknowledge your impatience.  Give voice to it and vent briefly so you can move on, taking care not to hurt anyone or yourself in the process.  Letting go can involve deep breathing, physical exercise, singing,  working on crafts and hobbies, shifting our negative thoughts to more pleasant ones, or some type of metaphorical or symbolic activity like writing down your concerns and then burning them or burying them as a release.  Heed Eckhart Tolle’s words, “Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.”  Question your impatience and stress and how both serve you.  When you realize that it serves no healthy purpose, it’s time to let it go.  Find what works best for you.

Second, we must understand that Spirit’s timing is not our timing.  Divine timing is perfect.  Things are working behind the scenes, things we may never fully understand on our physical plane of existence no matter how much science or logic we use.  If things don’t happen in the time frame we want, we have to stop and ask why.  Sometimes we forget that we create our own experiences through our thoughts and beliefs, consciously and subconsciously.  And sometimes we may not get what we want on our timetable because we still have some learning to do, we are not ready, or because we are blocking the flow.  It’s in this moment of spiritunity that we must examine ourselves and take responsibility for our actions and thoughts.  When we give into our impatience, we give away our power to allow things to flow into our lives.  We may not be able to control the situation, but we can change ourselves by changing our thinking and behavior to align with Spirit so that it’s energy works in our lives in the most beneficial way.

Awaiting the Spirit is our opportunity to reflect; it teaches us to slow down and listen for our own good.  We learn to trust the process even if we don’t understand how it works.  When we let go, we open ourselves up to all kinds of possibilities, some we may never have expected.  Spirit yearns to bless us, but in due time, and that depends on our inner readiness and faith.

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