Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Let’s face it. Some days it is hard to have faith. It’s easy to say “have faith” to someone who is struggling through life, but it’s a whole different game when we are on the receiving end of those words, especially when we are challenged by the things that make the world uncomfortable -- death, fear, loneliness, pain, shame. It’s times like these that we wish we had an Easy Button, but there is no guarantee for a smooth ride.

Faith defined is “complete trust and confidence in someone or something.” This definition makes the process of faith a completely subjective one. How do we know who or what to trust? We don’t. We have to go on faith on that question as well. We may look to others for guidance, but in the end, it is up to us, individually, to determine where we will place our trust, if we place it in anything or anyone at all. When we finally offer our trust and confidence; however, we enter into a relationship with faith and with something much greater than ourselves.

Entering into a relationship with faith is really about entering into a relationship with the Divine. It grows over time just as any relationship we enter does. We must work with it to cultivate it; we must remember that we are not alone, that we have a partner in all of this. Faith is our human response to the Divine. Does that mean there will be certitude in our lives? No. It doesn’t. But our relationship will only grow when we accept the elements of paradox and become content to live with mysteries that may never be solved or explained. Every new experience, each new challenge, becomes a call to faith in which we must act in either love or fear. These are the only two ways in which we can act.

The main challenges to faith are not disbelief and doubt; it’s resistance to Spirit. It’s the heart that has closed and become hardened because of dark times. Faith is not something we are to have; it’s something that we are in. In facing dark times, we must take faithful measures by trusting that such times will pass -- they will and they do -- and whatever the outcome, we know that it is for our learning and for our highest good. In the end, it’s the relationship that matters.

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