Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In our divinity, we are perfect creations. In our humanity, we still make mistakes. It’s natural. It’s part of our human incarnation. Some people move on from mistakes with relative ease, while others tend to hang on to the guilt. When we continue our grip on guilt, we are really focusing on our ego, another way of trying to control our life. It’s a lie we tell ourselves. When we LIE, we are Living In Ego. And we are left feeling that God or the Universe or Karma will punish us for our mistakes. This is self-abuse, not self-love.

Such self-abuse prevents us from opening ourselves to the grace of Spirit that has always been there. In our guilt, we block that grace. Spirit knows and loves us unconditionally. God is not waiting for us to act the “right” way before S/He can forgive us. Since Spirit’s nature is love, and since Spirit can’t be anything other than love, this makes it easier to return to God’s grace. 

When we realize that we have made a mistake and truly regret it, we are ready to make the shift from self-abuse to self-love. This is our "spiritunity" to make things "right" with ourselves.  Our regret shows that we are willing to change our actions or thinking so it doesn’t happen again. By hanging on to guilt and to the thought that we ought to be punished, we separate ourselves from God. This is what the ego wants. In our moment of remorse, we can either wallow in the ego’s illusion of separation, or we can forgive ourselves, thereby embracing and reconnecting with Source and Its unconditional love. Spirit will never cut Itself off from us; we cut ourselves off whenever we choose to do or say things that harm others or ourselves. When we make peace with ourselves, we make peace with the Universe.

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