Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Spirituality of Spring Cleaning

As we grow in Spirit, we find ourselves beginning to let go of things that no longer serve us.  This is our "spiritunity" to so some spring cleaning by decluttering our lives, our minds, and our personal space.  Sometimes something as simple as moving furniture, or tidying up our surroundings, helps us to move forward in our personal journey toward our goals, our dreams, and the Divine.  When we take the time to arrange and nurture our environment, we bring a sense of orderly flow to our lives.

Living in a chaotic, disordered habitat only serves to create chaotic, disordered habits.  When we seek spiritual alignment in our domestic spaces, we begin by discarding the things that distract us from our personal and spiritual growth.  We may recycle what we no longer need or have outgrown.  We can donate any items that others may need.  Instead of allowing guilt and sentiment to clutter our space with things that no longer serve our highest good, we can thank those things for their service to us before letting them go.  We may also employ the principles of Feng Shui, the Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the Laws of both Heaven and Earth to help us improve our lives by receiving positive chi.  We are familiar with the adage "cleanliness is next to Godliness."  As we take this spiritunity to emphasize serenity and beauty in our surrounding, we create an environment that knows and serves our Highest Good.

Clutter in our lives and domestic spaces puts our health at risk.  Clutter steals our vital energy.  It traps energy and lowers our vibrational levels whenever we are around it.  Research shows that when confronted with clutter and disarray, our bodies secrete a stress hormone known as cortisol.  This lowers our immunity.  Taking control of clutter allows us to reclaim our surroundings, serenity, and vitality.  It reduces the level of stress in our bodies and in our lives.

To reduce clutter involves taking one small step at a time.  Small steps lead to big improvements.  In the long run, we find our environment (and mind) easier to maintain.  We have to acknowledge that clutter is a problem, and we must resolve to rid it from our lives if we seek to grow into our authentic selves.  There are many benefits to clearing out the clutter.  For one, it saves time.  When we organize things into proper places, we avoid the stress of having to look for things that we've misplaced.  Another benefit is a safer home.  We significantly reduce the risk of tripping and falling.  A third benefit is money saved.  Gone are the late fees to bills that we couldn't find on time.  We are also less likely to buy replacements for misplaced items.  A fourth benefit is more "me" time.  When we reduce the commitments or activities in our lives that no longer bring us joy or value, we open our time to include the things we do value.  As we clear the clutter in our outer lives, we begin clearing the clutter in our inner lives.  We regain our energy, our sanity, and our spiritual essence.

If the body is a temple, why would we want to defile it by cluttering it with things that serve no purpose?  When we crowd the Spirit out of its living place, we find ourselves being crowded out of our living space as well.  Let the spring cleaning commence!

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