Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Unknown

The "unknown." The word itself evokes a sense of mystery and uncertainty. It even strikes fear in some. What is it about not knowing what lies ahead that scares us? We cannot always see the path ahead, especially when doubt overshadows our view. Remaining optimistic in the face of uncertainty is a difficult art. In times when our sight is limited, we must practice the discipline of keeping a positive attitude by consciously choosing to expect a future in which our highest good will shine despite our shaken faith.

There are only two ways to embrace the unknown: with fear or with faith. And the beauty of this is that we have the freedom to choose how we will approach what lies ahead. We can cling to our known, safe life, or we can say "YES" to opportunities for new adventures when we act in alignment with our coming good.

Life will alter and expand as we allow it. But it begins with us. Stepping out in faith is not easy at times, but as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." The alchemy begins with that first step. When it comes to taking that step, I often think about the Indiana Jones film The Final Crusade in which he must find his way to the Holy Grail to save his father from a life-threatening bullet wound inflicted by villains who want the grail for selfish purposes. He is tested in the long, booby-trapped passageway, nearly losing his life. When he comes to the ledge of a chasm, he sees that there is no way to cross over to the other side. At that moment, as he leafs through his father's notebook for some kind of answer, he spies an illustration of a man walking on air between two cliffs. In this moment of realization, he says, "It's a leap of faith." So, he takes a deep breath to calm himself and closes his eyes.  He places his hand over his heart, steps off the ledge, and to his surprise, Indiana finds himself on an "invisible" was there the whole time; he just couldn't "see" it until he believed.

No matter what we may be facing, when we choose to embrace our inner Indiana Jones to take that positive leap, our "bridge" will be there. We will always face unknowns in our lives. Embracing them with faith rather than with fear will allow for possibilities to unfold in ways we would never expect. Have faith. Your future depends on it.

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