Monday, March 4, 2013

What is Spiritunity?

Life is a sacred adventure.  Every day we encounter opportunities to grow spiritually, through acts of love, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness.  I call these moments “spiritunities,” or opportunities for an individual to connect, commune, and converge with Spirit, the Higher Self, God, etc., that leads to his or her authentic, divine self.  Life is filled with these moments, if we are willing to open our eyes and hearts to such moments.

 Spiritunity is about becoming aware of all the wonderful and important things going on directly in front of us, and seeing how these things are interconnected by and with Spirit.  But we miss them when we aren’t paying attention.  When we are in too much of a hurry in life, we lose moments of insights, epiphanies, grace and beauty.  We take things for granted, and we close ourselves off to the world of Spirit.  Life becomes rather boring and mundane.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    To become spiritually aware, we must consciously choose to put ourselves in a place where we are open, receptive, and totally present in the moment.  We do this by asking and inviting spiritunities to reveal themselves.  Once we open our spiritual eyes, we see a world of wonders that has been around us all along.  We slap ourselves on the forehead like the V8’s our “Duh!” moment. 

    As we become spiritually aware and as we see with our new eyes, we come to understand that there is a natural course that this awareness follows.  We can’t rush it.  We can’t ignore it.  We can’t get in the way of it.  We do this by having faith, not necessarily in any particular religion, but in the counsel of our Spirit.  We let it unfold in it’s own time.  Will we hit bumps in the road that prolong it’s realization?  Sure.  This becomes our spiritunity of patience.  Will we find things accelerating in our lives?  At times, yes.  This becomes our spiritunity of adapting to change.  Our job is to look long and steadily at things because they will speak to us and reveal themselves.  Spirit is in the details.  Paying attention requires discipline and practice.  

    As we develop our spiritual awareness, things begin to flow in our lives.  Synchronous events occur.  We find ourselves in the right place at the right time.  Resources seem to magically arrive to help us on our journey.  We begin to sense the inner, spiritual essence of all people and things.  Through our regular spiritual practices, our intuition grows, and we get in touch with our Voice of Knowing.  It may speak with a whisper, but it speaks volumes.  Learn to listen to it and trust it.  When we do, we begin to value our insights, especially in dealing with life’s challenges.   

    Awareness is the spiritunity to see and experience life from a new perspective, one filled with meaning and adventure.  As our awareness grows with attention and intention, we find ourselves expressing a higher frequency of consciousness, one that leads to a state of harmony and balance.  We discover that the whole world is charged with sacred meaning.  We are born into a new life.


  1. Dear Penny,

    So true. So true. The higher you go in vibration the closer to come to your true nature which is Oneness with Source!

    Also, I love your word--- Spiritunity!!!

    Source is love, gratitude, peace, serenity and all good things.

    And all those things you mention in the last two paragraphs ALL indeed improve as you go up the Emotional Guidance Scale (raise in vibration) and thus SEE with your new eyes those higher frequency patterns in life.

    Great post!



    1. Indeed, Kathy!

      It's so easy to see how the EGS fits into all of this. As we raise in vibration, we raise in spirit. It's our spiritunity to grow, to become, to be ONE with Source.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Yes! I love this idea :) This is exactly what I needed to read this morning- thank you! Life is indeed a sacred adventure :)

    1. It sure is, Sojourner. I'm so glad these words found their way to you to uplift you. Blessings!

  3. Great Post Penny!

    I think that every day life is a spiritual experience. Most people have come to believe that we can’t have a “spiritual experience” here on earth in our physical body.

    I always say that being alive and healthy is one of the greatest spiritual experiences you can ever have. This experience begins by taking care of and honoring your body temple so that you can enjoy the peace, the glory and the magnificence of heaven on earth right here today in good health!

    Gena Livings - Healthy Living

    1. Gena, I wholeheartedly agree. The body is the temple and when we treat it with respect,honor, and love, we will have the optimum experience of peace and heaven. Thanks so much for your insights and comments!