Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Avatars and The Mind of God

As beings on the spiritual path, were it not for God’s divine messengers, we would be completely lost in our quest to evolve into our Highest Selves.  Our mortal self is surrounded by unsolved and unsolvable mysteries in the universe. Trying to wrap our limited minds around something Infinite is daunting, overwhelming, and incomprehensible; it could lead one to insanity. What’s a God to do?  S/He sends avatars, God manifested in bodily form, enlightened beings sent to remind us of and reveal us to our spiritual selves.

God didn’t incarnate only once; S/He’s incarnated many times, and S/He continues to incarnate.  S/He’s incarnated when appropriate to the times and purpose of the incarnation. Is Jesus the only Son of God? No. But that doesn’t diminish his divinity. He never claimed to be the only son of God; instead, he clearly taught that those of us who do the will of God become, like himself, one with God. Jesus came to teach us how to become a "Christ" -- an enlightened one -- like him.

Buddha, another avatar of God’s in another time and culture before Jesus, came to remind his forgetful generation of karma and of taking responsibility for the consequences of its actions. Buddha breathed life back into the Vedic religion of India, whose rituals and teachings had become rote and dry.  He came to teach people how to reach buddha-hood to become enlightened beings, like himself.

Prior to Buddha, there was God’s avatar Krishna who preached that the practice of bhakti yoga (union with God) as a devotional service was the avenue of divine love.   Not only did he come to re-establish religious practices, he came to deliver the pious, diminish the demonic and to teach people the way to God-realization through the Krishna Self, by putting on Krishna-Consciousness.

Not only were these beings Sons of God, but they were more than Sons of God as we try to understand them. They each carried the Mind of God within them, the omniscient Intelligence of God that is all-present in every bit of creation, and though they lived (and continue to live) among us as one of us, they came with the same message: that we, too, might learn to live like gods, becoming One with God’s Infinite Intelligence. 

Jesus housed the Christ mind. Siddhartha Gautama housed the Buddha mind. Krishna reached Krishna Consciousness.  Call it what you will, but THAT MIND is a state of consciousness that all spiritual leaders and avatars taught that we can all have.  It takes discipline and practice. Krishna said it could be achieved through the practice of yoga. Buddha used meditation. Jesus used prayer (and quite possibly meditation). There is no one correct way. And who is to say we can’t use all three ways, or a combination, or create our own special way, as long as it honors Spirit?  Wherever we begin is the starting place for us personally, especially since each spiritual path is as individual as the person traveling it.

Jesus.  Siddhartha.  Krishna.  Their missions were essentially the same:  to remind people of God and to show them the way back to conscious oneness with God.  Krishna Consciousness, Buddha Mind, Christ Intelligence...these are all the same mind, the same energy, the same universal consciousness, the same intelligence that pervades all life, living and breathing in and through each of us.  "Receiving" this Mind is not accomplished through any kind of church or temple membership.  It's not so much about "receiving" it as it is about "remembering" it and "resurrecting" it within us.  When Jesus spoke of "receiving him," he was talking about partaking of the same kind of consciousness he had, the Christ Consciousness, the God Mind.  This Mind transcends any church or temple and goes directly to the Holy of Holies within us, not outside of us.  Even John, Jesus's most advanced disciple, says, "As many as received him [the Christ Mind/God Mind], to them gave he power to become the sons of God."  This was according to Jesus's own teaching.  Anyone who unites with this Consciousness by intuitive Self-realization becomes a son/daughter of God.

How do we do this?  Close your eyes.  Go within.  Acknowledge the evolutionary promptings of Spirit as it draws you inward.  The divine power of God Realization is an internal experience.  Spirit seeks the temples of true souls who devote themselves through contemplation, prayer, meditation or yoga.  Let your Intuition guide you.  It's your path and yours only.  It's the path that is true only for you.  Let your consciousness expand beyond the your body and the physical realm.  Call on Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or Spirit to show you the way.  True spirituality comes from within.  It lies beyond the material world of proof.  It cannot be measured or counted.  It defies logic and reason.  It knows only love.  God's Avatars came to call us out of our ego-centered lives and back into this Love.  Why would we ever ignore this?

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