Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fingerprints of the Divine

The Sacred Hand has many fingers.  Each person, each animal, each plant, each insect, each creature of the sea -- everything that lives and breathes -- is a fingerprint of the Divine.  Whenever I see these things, I see the Sacred in action, living and breathing in and through us, expressing Itself in unique, creative ways.  We are Sacred gifts to ourselves and to one another, gifts that are meant to be enjoyed, appreciated, respected, and loved.  When we fail to do these things we are out of alignment with our Source.  This misalignment results in misdirection of our life's purpose.  Our purpose is to live, love, and serve as the Divine leads us.  When we are aligned with our God-Self, everything we think, say, and do becomes a sacred act, a living prayer for others.  We are works in progress, and as we partner with Spirit in creating our masterpiece, we become the individual fingerprints of the Divine, touching others in all that we do.

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