Friday, June 7, 2013

Divine Nature

Wake up to your divine nature.

We are divine creations.

When we allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit, we find ourselves aligned with Infinite Intelligence.  Here, we access all we need to know to guide us in and through life.

Listening to the voices of humans who haven't awoken to their own divine nature throws us out of alignment. If they are not enlightened to their divine nature, how can they possibly see it in us?

Rather than listen to those who are not yet enlightened, we can gently help them to awaken to their divine nature.  Some may accept it, and some may not, but if done in love, we will know that we have done our jobs as spiritual beings.  We can plant the seeds and then make ourselves available should they ever need our assistance or guidance.

It's not always easy to point someone in the direction of divinity.  We are here as guides, no doubt.  The easiest way to lead is to get out of the way and simply be an example by modeling the spiritual life through those activities and behaviors that allow us to be the authentic, divine beings that we are.  Our ways may not be someone else's ways and we must exercise caution not to project our ways onto others; what works for one may not work for someone else.  It is up to that person who is an active seeker to discover ways of personal expression that further fulfillment and help others to realize their authenticity.

May we always honor our divinity within and the divinity in others.  Namaste.

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