Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Facing Challenges

Challenges. We either love them, or we avoid them. Challenges push us to excel, to grow, to break through our self-imposed limitations so that we can be all that we are destined to be.

Some challenges are easy while others are difficult. And not everyone enjoys a good challenge; however, when we know that challenges are designed to bring about our highest good, we begin to view them differently. We see them in a more positive light.

Approaching challenges with a positive frame of mind allows for positive energy to rise and flow. Help materializes in ways we never expected. Things begin to work out. Our confidence builds. We feel lighter, happier, and empowered. The next time a challenge approaches, we face it head-on, knowing we will grow into a better person because of it.

Approaching challenges with a negative mindset allows for negative energy to rise and flow as well.  Complications arise. Things don't work out as expected. Doubt creeps in. We get frustrated, short-tempered, and angry. We complain complain complain only to compound the situation until a dam of negativity builds, blocking anything from getting through. We stay stuck until we are forced to do something about it.

Challenges are the Universe's way of saying, "Hey, you can do this! I believe in you!" It's the Universe endorsing us, cheering us on to our higher selves.

Now that's an endorsement we can live with because we know we will make it through.

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