Saturday, July 27, 2013

Increasing Your Energetic Wealth

Energy is like money.

Like money, energy can be squandered or invested.

When you have an abundance of energy, it's wise to invest it into things that will improve your life. Make your energy work for you, not against you. 

What does this mean?

It means doing those things that make you feel good about yourself. Things that you enjoy doing. Things that raise your spirits, feed your soul, and increase your vibration. Things that propel you to grow, to create, and to express your authentic self. 

But squandering your energy puts you at risk.

Energy that is not channeled constructively or positively leads to boredom, apathy, complacency, dependence, even bondage. You find yourself doing things that you don't like doing or don't want to be doing. You find yourself obligated to others rather than to yourself. Things begin piling up on you, adding stress, which then manifest physically in the form of various ailments or illnesses. You don't feel good about yourself or your place in life. Now you are left with no energy whatsoever; you've depleted yourself and your reserves. This is a major energy deficit.

What's the point of living?

But you can change this.

Investing energy into yourself, rather than squandering it aimlessly on things that no longer serve you (or have never served you), allows for a shift in vibration that moves you to start doing the things you enjoy. It begins by taking back your control and making choices that empower you. One small shift gets the ball rolling. 

Energy is designed to move, not stagnate. 

It is designed to flow freely, without blockage. 

Start small. Choose an area of your life or something about yourself that you'd like to improve. Ask yourself what kind of investment you are willing to make to improve that area of your life. Commit to it by signing a contract with yourself or by creating a vision board.  Remind yourself about your goal on a daily basis. Give it the energy it deserves to grow and manifest. Before you know it, a wealth of energy and assistance will make itself known to you in ways you've never imagined. Such is the Spirit of Attraction and Abundance.

You are worth the investment. 

How are you investing in yourself these days? Or, how will you? I invite you to share your energy investing techniques with us. 


  1. Always keeping my Prana (Ki) flowing...

    Namaste Penny!


  2. GREAT POST! I love your writing style.

    AND, of course, I totally agree with the message.

    Everything is energy and energy is immediately shift-able.

    Any small shift in a better direction on any subject starts the improvement.

    And then....the better it gets the better it gets as long as you keep doing your small part.



    1. Thanks, Kathy! Absolutely! Once we get things going, we stay in the flow by doing our part, no matter how big or small. Forward progress! I appreciate your comments and insight, as always.

  3. Love this, Penny. An energetic bank account. This is the second time today I have heard this. Awesome. Sharing this with my readers!!!!!!You are so appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl! I appreciate you sharing this with your community of readers. Here's to an abundance of wealth in your energetic bank account!

  4. Hi Penny!

    What a wonderful post! I invest in myself by taking time everyday to be in nature, preferably by a lake or an ocean and just watch the world go by. I also walk barefoot whenever I can and eat healthy living foods. Being in the midst of Mother Earth's beauty is one of the most healing, energizing experiences I know of:) Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Emma!

      Thank you! Communing with nature is soothing, healing, and energizing, as you well know. And there's nothing like going barefoot in lush grass or cool sand! I'm with you on that! Blessings to you, too, my friend.