Friday, July 5, 2013

Is It Selfish To Manifest Your Desires?

Is it selfish to manifest your desires?


We are beings who want things in life. We want love, peace, happiness, joy, freedom, and satisfaction to name a few. We also want material things like a car, a home, and financial security, among other things. There's nothing wrong in wanting these things.

Unfortunately, there are beliefs entrenched in the mass consciousness that life is serious business, that life is about hard work and learning tough lessons, that life is about sacrifice. Ugh. What's the point of living if you can't enjoy it?

I used to believe this way. And I found that life was difficult and full of lessons I didn't like learning. I had sacrificed so much that I completely forgot about my needs. I didn't like who I was, and I certainly wasn't any fun to be around. I didn't have time to enjoy what life was offering because I was too busy taking care of other people's needs and sacrificing my own.  I was miserable.

And then I evolved.

I finally acknowledged that I wanted a wholly different experience. I gave myself permission to want my own happiness and to experience my own joy.  That conscious decision to allow myself to want to fulfill my desires opened the doors to multiple possibilities. I held the key to the candy store the whole time when I thought I was locked out for good.

Our desires are not selfish. They are divine impulses calling us forward on the evolutionary path of growth, creativity, and self-expression. Our desires mature; they evolve as we do. We learn to distinguish between desires of the ego (proving ourselves) and desires to express ourselves creatively (fulfilling ourselves). Reaching this point of evolution, though, will not happen if we label all desires as selfish.

We are here to manifest our desires. When we honor our desires, we honor Spirit/God/Universe. This leads us to our deepest fulfillment. Anything done in love is not selfish. After all, the Universe manifested you.

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  1. The choice to evolve is ours alone to make, isn't it. Thanks for posting!