Friday, July 19, 2013

Sacred Texts and Divine Pregnancy

I was musing about the Annunciation in the Christian tradition, when the angel Gabriel announces to the young maiden Mary, "You, mortal person, have divinity within you."

Well, those weren't his exact words, but essentially that was his message. Mary became pregnant with divinity.

Pregnant with divinity.

I like that.

While most see the Annunciation as Mary being the chosen vessel for the immaculate conception of God's son Jesus, I want to take it a step further.

The tradition of miraculous conceptions of God, Sons of God, Messiahs, and Saviors is found in most, if not all, sacred literature, many of which pre-date Christianity's version.

Think about that.

What's also curious is that the mothers chosen as divine vessels are all virgins. One touched a flower and was miraculously impregnated with Zoroaster, the Persian Prophet. Another virgin was struck by a star while traveling and conceived Yu, the first Chinese monarch. Both Buddha and Krishna are reported as having been immaculately conceived. Of the ancient Mexicans, it is said that Suchiquecal conceived her son Quexalcote, the Mexican Savior, without any connection with a man. All of these maidens carried divinity.

What are these sacred texts telling us? Or, what are they not telling us?

All of these stories serve as metaphors to illustrate our own inherent divinity. We are human and we are divine (unfortunately, culture has progressed to a point where we see the human body as anything but divine; instead, it is a machine where the soul has been stripped of its essence in the name of ego). Throughout history, Avatars have come to remind us of our true nature and how to reclaim it; their message is to look inward, not outward.

We each carry the seed of divinity within us at all times. This is the kind of seed that can never be aborted. We are the receptacles of and for the sacred Authentic Self. The ultimate immaculate conception is the one that takes place within us, when we awaken to our divine nature, when we accept it, and when we give ourselves over to it. As we care for our spiritual side, we "mother" it with nurturing acts of love. We come into wholeness and fullness, giving birth to our Higher Self.

The term "born again" is misleading. More often than not, people hear that term and think of zealous religious fanatics. One must move beyond the religious connotation of the term. Being "born again" is more than getting down on our knees and accepting a savior into our hearts. It's seeing life from a new perspective, with a renewed mind, a mind that is aligned with purpose, passion, and the creative energy of love.

We are our own avatars. Avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so on, were enlightened beings sent to remind us of and to reveal us to our spiritual selves through renewed thinking, through the mind of God-Source. When they said to follow them, they weren't talking about physically following them around the countryside listening to their words of wisdom; they were talking about uniting and aligning with the God-Mind, about partaking of the same kind of consciousness they had, and by doing so, we would become co-creators with this same Mind. For more on this topic, read my post "Avatars and The Mind of God."

Almost every sacred text touts a story involving immaculate conception, ones that are surrounded by unusual circumstances and shrouded in mystery, none of which involve relations with man, only with Spirit in whatever form that Spirit took. Whatever the case, we can take these stories to mean that our partnership with Spirit is unique and one of a kind. As divine beings, we operate from a pure (virginal) state of Consciousness that allows us to create. We are just as responsible for our spiritual well-being as we are our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As we approach life from a spiritual perspective, and as we devote ourselves to our particular spiritual practices, we realize (remember) these all-important truths.

What are your musings and thoughts? Please share.


  1. Penny,

    Very well written. Years ago, I did similar research to find similarities in all the world religions.

    Now, I just allow all to believe as they believe.

    What if Source gave the world so many different "Paths" so that maybe we would all "get it" eventually??? :-)

    I have been praying all my life for the Truth and for Guidance. I live my Truth and follow my Guidance as best as I can and have a joyful journey as the benefit.


    Thank you for this.


  2. Awesome Penny. Love, Love, Love this post. So absolutely beautiful and touching. Your loving words flowed directly from the Divine. Thank you.

    Lots of Love,
    Wendy Baudín