Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days Of Spiritual Growth

Join me for my new series "31 Days Of Spiritual Growth."

Beginning October 1, 2013, I will post 31 days of exercises and activities (see below for links) designed for your spiritual growth. This will be a hands-on, heart-centered approach to heighten your awareness of the Sacred in your life.

Every day we encounter opportunities, or spiritunities as I refer to them, that call us to our highest good and that call us to witness how all things are interconnected by and with Spirit.

But we miss them when we aren't mindful.

All too often, we are in too much of a hurry in life, and as a result, we lose moments of insights, epiphanies, grace, beauty, and joy. We take things for granted, and we close ourselves off to the world of the Sacred.

To grow spiritually, we must consciously choose to put ourselves in a place where we are open, receptive, and totally present in the moment. We do this by asking and inviting spiritunities to reveal themselves. Once we open our spiritual eyes, we see a world of wonders that has been around us all along.

For the next 31 days, use these spiritual practices to deepen your relationship with the sacred. "We are what we practice," Jewish writer Avram Davis reminds us. "If we become angry a lot, then essentially we are practicing anger. And we become quite good at it. Conversely, if we practice being joyful, then a joyful person is what we become." 

Be sure to come back to this page for links to all 31 posts. I will link them each day for your convenience.

Day 1:  Attention Deficit or Dividend?
Day 2:  Becoming A Connoisseur Of The Commonplace
Day 3:  Hungry For Meaning
Day 4:  Letting Silence Speak
Day 5:  Co-Partners In Creation
Day 6:  The Sacred Institute For Spiritual Studies
Day 7:  Making Peace With The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Day 8:  Making Friends With Frustration
Day 9:  Gettin' Your Vibe On
Day 10: Put On Your Wonderwear
Day 11:  Yes Yes YES
Day 12:  Mountaintop Message Up Yonder
Day 13:  Avoid Spiritual Suicide
Day 14:  Your Chariot Awaits
Day 15:  Getting Your Emotional House In Order
Day 16:  Victim or Victor?
Day 17:  Scratching That Spiritual Itch
Day 18:  Be A Prophet of Play
Day 19:  What's Love Got To Do With It?
Day 20:  Dog Day Afternoon
Day 21:  From Underdog to Top Dog
Day 22:  Mountains and Rivers and Valleys, Oh My!
Day 23:  Staring Down The Barrel of Truth
Day 24:  Taking The Plunge
Day 25:  Muskrats, Microscopes, and Mystery
Day 26:  Catapult Your Desire
Day 27:  Your Divine Design
Day 28:  Downgrade Fear By Upgrading Your Thinking
Day 29:  Watch Your Language!
Day 30:  Coming Out Spiritually
Day 31:  Break the Spell and Go to Health



  1. Woot woot...count me in....looking forward to it....;)

    1. Looking forward to having you here! :)

  2. Looking forward to reading your posts. I am always on the look out for ways to be more in tune with what the Spirit is doing in and around me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Darlene! I'm always on the look out, too. Looking forward to having you here! :)

  3. I'm very much looking forward to this :)

    1. Thanks Tamala! I'm looking forward to it, too!

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    1. Kalpana Solsi, thank you. I look forward to hearing more from you during the course of this series. Would love to hear your thoughts.