Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mountains and Valleys and Rivers, Oh My!

I was surfing through YouTube for some background music while writing when I found myself in the mood for the soulful voice of Michael McDonald. I came across his rendition of a famous Motown song, and even though I've heard this song many times, I was struck by the simple, yet profound words of the chorus (I've linked MM's version for your listening pleasure): 
Ain't no mountain high enough

Talk about perseverance. 

There is no stopping this person from getting what he wants. He is not focused on the heighth, depth, or width of the obstacles in front of him; his main focus is on what he wants, and nothing -- no mountain, no valley, no river -- is going to make him quit.

That takes an uncommon strength. 

We all have things we want. We have goals. We have dreams. But if we don't become practitioners of perseverance, we won't realize them. 

Perseverance is that spiritual ingredient with oomph. It's got that extra kick in it that pushes us forward. It's a combination of endurance and the absolute assurance that what we want is going to happen. 

Let's take a lesson from these lyrics.

If we are to persevere, we must first know our purpose. We need to have a goal in mind. No goal means no direction, and then we wander aimlessly in the desert of our minds. 

We must also be passionately committed to what we want. Passion fuels us, giving us the strength and courage to power through to the finish. No passion means no purpose, and then when the winds blow, we are tossed about, when all along we could have harnessed that energy to set sail.

Once our purpose is fueled by our passion, we must remain positive. Our positive self-talk assures us of our success. It minimizes the enormity of any obstacles that try to get in our way. No positive self-talk means no passionate or inspired action, and when that happens, we fail even before we try.

Perseverance allows us to see those mountains, valleys, and rivers from a new perspective.
Instead of seeing the mountain as something separate, large, and looming over you, see yourself as that mountain. A mountain never wavers despite being shined upon, rained upon, snowed upon, or stuck upon by lightning. Stand tall and strong as the mountain.

Instead of seeing the river as something that you could never swim against or navigate across, see yourself as that river. A river flows continuously; it cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence, as Jim Watkins reminds us. Flow with the river.

Instead of seeing the valley as something that is a low point that leaves you wide open and vulnerable, see yourself as that valley. A valley contains some of the most fertile soil; it is rich with nutrients. Harvest your strength from the valley.

Heed the words of Alexander Graham Bell when he says, "What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know exactly what you want and are fully determined not to quit until you get it."


It's time to finish unfinished business. Think about a project that you have abandoned because the work just got too hard, or you simply got tired of it. Dig it out of the closet or the basement or wherever you left it, and approach it with new eyes. Maybe it's that novel you've always wanted to write. Maybe it's the renovation you've never completed. Maybe it's the exercise program that you quit because you hit a plateau. 

Revisit it and renew your commitment to it. There is a reason why you started it in the first place. Somehow you got the idea to do this, but this time go back to it with the understanding that your idea came to you as a gift. Now it's time to honor it by seeing it through to completion. Think of it as your gift back to Spirit since Spirit endowed you with the skills and talent to accomplish it. 




  1. This is so true! I've struggled in the past feeling passionate about anything and I drifted along through life just surviving with no particular ups and downs, just plodding along. The recently I discovered a passion for cooking and also for writing and I feel really different. It's great! When I focus on either of these passions I come alive in a way I've never been before. I've abandoned projects in the past because I didn't think I had time to do them, but with hindsight I think it was because I wasn't passionate about them. I have no more time than before, but I still make time for cooking and writing... Great post thank you!

    1. Hi Andrea!

      It seems that without passion, we are dead in the water, so to speak. Nothing happens. And life just becomes monotonous, boring, mundane, use whatever deadening adjective you want.

      Passion opens up the doors to life in so many beautiful ways. And the more we do the things we love, the more passion we find we have. We, like you said, come alive.

      Like you, I love cooking and writing, and I find my creativity SOARS when I do these things.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. I always look forward to hearing what you share. You are a blessing!
      Love and Light,

  2. I think that passion is the work of the spirit ....its so true....I know when I put my mnd to something my passion grows n i feel accompanied ...it's a great feeling to c the project to the end...I am working on making a cabnit from scratch....I've never did anything like it...n I'm excited to see the finished project....it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I start...

    1. Passion definitely comes from Spirit. It brings us ideas and with those ideas it gives us the passion to do those things we are called to do.

      I am excited to see your cabinet when it is finished so please post pictures of your handiwork.


  3. Dear Penny,

    This is another beautiful and inspiring message that grabs my heart today!
    After reading this, I feel like a mountain, a river and a valley all at one time - completely inter-connected to our Source that created them!
    YES!!! I believe it is that Source that's gettin me, showin me, pullin me to Persevere!

    Healthy blessings and thank you!

    1. Thank you, Gena.

      There's nothing like feeling connected and interconnected to all that Source has created. It is such a high vibration that fuels us with the energy to keep going and to keep creating.

      Blessings, my friend, and many of them.