Saturday, December 7, 2013

On Awakening

Day 24 of 29 Days of Spiritual Messages.

Today's piece of wisdom comes from the Qur'an. Al-Mu'minun 23:115 states: "Do you think God has created you without any purpose, and that you will not be brought back to Him?"

There is a time and season for everything and everyone.

Notice that this is not a direct command to do something. It is a question of humble self-inquiry, designed to get one thinking about why he or she is gracing this planet with his or her presence.

You may be someone who fully understands your purpose and the true nature of reality. You may also perceive deeply that we all emanate from the same Source. If so, then you know that we are here to live our lives as authentically as we can; we are here to love and to support one another. When we understand this, then we are awakened to our true nature.

This understanding is such a blessing.

But not everyone evolves at the same rate to this understanding. This doesn't mean that there is something "wrong." It simply means that we each progress at our own pace. We all have a lot to learn, and some of us may have more to learn than others.

Yet sometimes we find ourselves feeling a bit intolerant with those who just aren't progressing at a rate that we'd like them to progress. It can be frustrating to watch them, especially when they are not connected to purpose.

But it's not for us to determine how quickly others progress. Instead, we need to embrace the spiritual practice of compassion, holding them in love and light, not in judgment, anger, or fear, allowing harmony to flow.

For some, slow and steady wins the race. It would help us to remember that everyone must find their own way to awakening, and whatever they are experiencing is an important part of the process.

It would also help us to be inspired by their example as a way to look closely within ourselves, shedding light upon our own dark places, and remembering that we are still a work-in-progress. Perhaps their example is our own reflection we need to face about ourselves.

Sacrificing the urge to judge is not easy. When we feel this urge, it is our cue to remind ourselves of our true purpose as posed by the Qur'an's question.

We will all be brought back to our Source, in divine time, not ours. Our job is to hold others in the light and love of our energy, and maybe it will awaken theirs.

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