Thursday, January 2, 2014

Changing Your Relationship With "Change"

Buddha said, "Change is the only constant."

Many people are uncomfortable with change. They prefer their days to follow the same schedule or routine. Some may want change, but are afraid to embrace it.

But whether we like it or not, change happens. And it's coming, whether we are ready or not.

We need to change our relationship with "change."

Change is good. It pushes us out of stagnation and invites us to grow. It encourages us to try new things and to welcome new people into our lives. Changes gets us out the rut of the mundane.

Changing our relationship with "change" enhances our lives. Change ushers in new possibilities; it challenges us to open our minds and expand our comfort zones.

If we are to accept and welcome change in our lives, we must start by taking small steps. Big changes begin with small adjustments. Too often we look at the big picture and get overwhelmed by it. But when we break it down into manageable steps, we find ourselves adjusting to our new relationship with "change."

When we decide to make changes, we are in essence taking responsibility for creating a new life for ourselves. Ready to get started? Here are some ideas:

  • Eat breakfast for dinner.
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Watch no news for an entire day. Better yet, watch no TV.
  • Eat a food you've never eaten before.
  • Take a different route to school, work, the gym, the grocery store, home, etc.
  • Talk to a stranger.
  • Try a new restaurant.
  • Learn a new skill or craft.
  • Try new make-up, a new outfit, or a new hairstyle.

Try one small new thing every day. When we take the steps to create change, no matter how small, we have chosen to take responsibility for changing our lives for the better. We declare to the universe that we are ready for a new life.

What kind of relationship do you have with "change"?


  1. One change is how I comfort foods have changes into healthier foods....and Ive seen a change ..for the better...comfort foods always control me....and breaking say from it n eating healthier makes me feel like a better person....

    1. Sounds like you've made some positive changes for yourself. That's a good thing to celebrate.