Monday, January 13, 2014

Commit To Exploration

Courtesy Google Images
The road to knowing what you want is often punctuated with many moments of learning what you do not want.

Recognizing and accepting this fact replaces fear with the courage to move forward.

All too often, we paralyze ourselves with the fear of making wrong moves. We expect to follow a straight path where we know in advance what will work or will not work.

It doesn't work that way.

Any time we are faced with a decision, it's the universe extending an invitation to take part in a personal and/or spiritual development plan. And many times, instead of taking the path of exploration, we recoil back into our comfort zones because we do not know where it will lead.

But when we do accept the universe's invitation, we commit ourselves to exploration, opening the door to possibilities beyond our dreams.

Decisions are never permanent, final actions, even though they may seem to be. They are dynamic and fluid. They are energy that flows outward, creating the path ahead of us. They invite us to open our minds to inquiry and possibility.

We may embark on one path and end up on a completely different path. Does this mean you made a "bad" decision? Of course not. Look at what you learned from the experience. If anything, you learned what you don't want, and realized what you do want. See it as a stepping stone that has moved you closer to creating exactly what you want.

One thing leads to another in ways we cannot always foresee. Experiencing what we do not want -- in order to determine what we do want -- is sometimes part of our personal development plan.

Remain curious. Remain open. Make modifications along the way to keep moving forward. There are no wrong moves, only lessons to be learned.

When we accept the universe's invitation, we commit to this great adventure called life.


  1. I've done bad mistake ...n its true I learn from them ......when things go great I don't usually learn from it...but its boss keeps bringing up this one incident that happen to me...two years ago....n as I've moved on...he feels the need to remind me..I guesas not to go back...but I sometimes feel HE needs to move on...but he might be stuck....who knows ...but that incident doesn't define me....n I'm more ...n I'm open...n willingness to execrable it...

    1. Some people just can't seem to let your boss. You have obviously moved on from it. Maybe he just needs a reminder from you to move on??? Tell him it's time to let it go.