Monday, January 27, 2014

Honor Your Intuition

Courtesy Google Images
Courtesy Google Images
Intuition is our guiding inner compass, that "sense of knowing" without any logical explanation for it.

It provides us with an additional level of information that does not come from the analytical or rational side of the brain.

It's that feeling that something's either right or wrong, safe or unsafe. You just know that you know, and you have no rational way of explaining it.

When we pay attention to it, it points us in the right direction.

But all too often, people miss their hits of intuition because they get too caught up in their own thoughts to recognize these hits. When we are disconnected from our intuition, we find ourselves busily weighing the pros and cons, or thinking about the "how-to's" and the "what-if's."

Einstein said, " The only real valuable thing is intuition." This coming from a scientist in a profession known for operating from the left side of the brain.

Intuition is a gift that is available to all of us. We each have it within us. It's a matter of recognizing and cultivating it.

To "hear" intuitive messages, you must first quiet your mind. This "hearing" can come in the form of an image, feeling, sensation, even a dream. If you're caught up in the noise of excessive thinking, your intuition can't come through. A short meditation, some deep breathing, or taking a walk will help you to center yourself, but find what works best for you. A general sense of feeling neutral and calm is a good sign that you are centered.

This is a good time to check in with your body and energy. If you pay close attention, you will feel your intuition in your physical body. Think about a decision that's been pressing on your mind. Do you feel a sensation of physical resistance? Tension in your chest, neck, and shoulders? A knot in your stomach? This is your intuition saying "no" to a particular situation or decision.

Are you experiencing a feeling of expansiveness in your heart area? Do you feel a certain lightness of being? Do you feel energized? Do you feel yourself being pulled in one direction? This is your intuition saying "yes."

The sensations you feel in your body are a direct link to the answer that you are seeking.

If you go straight into your head, without considering what you are feeling physically, then connecting with your intuition will take some time. Pause and check in with yourself; note what you are feeling and trust your responses. If you're questioning whether or not you really know something, then you are over-thinking it; however, chances are that if you're not sure if something is right for you, the answer is probably "no." On the other hand, if you know something is right for you, the physical response will be undeniable because your senses will be automatically heightened.

After quieting your mind and checking in with yourself and your body, ask a specific question of your inner guidance system. The more specific the question, the clearer your intuition will answer. It's best to focus on one question at a time. This way, you won't get confused about the intuitive information that you receive. Keep it simple. Note your impressions and/or feelings without analyzing or judging. The second you begin over-thinking or weighing your options, you're just going to confuse yourself. You may want to try journaling for clarity so that you get clear on what you do want versus what you don't want.

Honoring your intuition doesn't mean making drastic, sudden or risky changes. Instead, ask your intuition, "What is the next step that is right for me?" Maybe your intuition is prompting you to leave your job or to change careers. Rather than quit right away, take the time to gather information about your options. Update your resume, explore other career options, enroll in classes, speak to others in those careers. This helps you to honor your intuition, while taking the necessary steps toward the life you want.

Our intuition is what guides us. It is energy, and energy is a flow. This energy wants to move. The more clearly it flows, the better. It can come through many channels. As we open our hearts, eyes, and minds, our intuition will move more effectively and quickly. Our feelings are our feedback to the Universe, letting it know what we like and dislike and what feels good and bad to us. Connecting to what we are feeling allows the Universe to clearly focus its flow in the direction we want.


  1. Like this very much and agree with it totally.

    1. Hi Milla!

      I am glad you stopped by! Intuition is a divine gift available to all of us.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.