Monday, January 6, 2014

Unsure Of Which Path To Take?

So you want to explore your spirituality but you are unsure of how to practice it.
which way-
Do you travel to faraway lands to find a spiritual teacher or guru?

Do you practice the rituals of established traditions?

Where do you begin?

The best place to begin is with your own life.

We need not look far for such teachers. They are everywhere in our lives, but often we do not recognize them because they may not look or act like our idea of a spiritual teacher. However, when we put this bias aside, we open ourselves to their wisdom.

Our teachers can take many forms -- human, non-human, and situational. They come to teach us valuable lessons such as compassion, patience, letting go, etc., when we are ready and willing to learn.

We’ve heard the adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” As we open ourselves to this wisdom, we find that our "teachers" have been with us all along, waiting for us to acknowledge them. Our lives are filled with teachers.

Take note of things that happen in your life.

Do you keep losing things? Perhaps this situation is asking you to be more mindful of your actions in your physical reality.

Do you keep struggling with a difficult person in your life? Maybe this person is showing you how not to be.

Consider what your life is telling you. Trust your intuition. Take your time, and go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Observe everything. Ask questions. Start each morning by honoring the teacher that is your life. Make it your daily intention to be wise enough to recognize the "teachers" that come your way. Be open to receiving their wisdom. Your "teachers" will reveal themselves and your path will unfold for you.

Everything that happens in our lives works together to teach us exactly what we need to learn. When we accept this, we step into the spiritual dimension of life.

While there are many paths to take, trust your inner guidance system and follow the path to which you feel most drawn. There are no right or wrong paths.


  1. I always gave this feeling I should be living in RI I just feel that's where I should be...staying in NJ is so expensive....but I'm invested in where I work....but I see myself in RI day I will....

    1. Keep putting your energy into it and you will find yourself there. You're halfway there now :)