Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Does This Keep Happening?

Do you find yourself having the same kinds of experiences? Call it déjà vu. Call it Groundhog's Day. Call it what you will. But there's a reason why these things keep happening to you.

Perhaps you are in a new romantic relationship, only it starts to feel like the last one with the same kinds of problems cropping up.

Or maybe your new job has you facing similar challenges that you thought you had escaped from your previous position.

The situations and the people may have changed, but you're still dealing with the same old problems. Over and over.

You may be feeling frustrated or disappointed, wondering why these same situations keep happening.

They happen because you -- yes, you -- are making them happen.

Our lives tend to reflect what we believe about them. Our beliefs act like magnets, attracting situations into our lives based on those beliefs. We create our experiences. And each time we ask ourselves why the same things keep happening, we reinforce those beliefs and attract more of the same.

When we hold beliefs that undermine the good we can experience, we set ourselves up for sabotage. It's an unhealthy pattern that we repeat, not realizing that we are the ones creating the experience in the first place. It can be a vicious cycle.

We bring our beliefs to every situation. If the same kinds of situations and people keep showing up in our lives, we need to examine our beliefs and how we came to them.

Ask why you believe what you believe. Were your beliefs passed down to you? Or did you come to them based on your own experiences? How have they served you? If they are not in your best interest, why keep hanging on to them?

No one wants to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. When we can figure out which convictions no longer serve us, we can consciously change them. As we make better choices for ourselves, we start attracting new kinds of experiences that are aligned with what we truly want in life.

In what area of your life do you find the same kinds of things happening?


  1. Sometimes I have deja vu ...when I'm at work or sometimes having a conversation with a family member...its so bizzare that I've been there or have said the same thing over ...crazy and it stops me in my and blessings

  2. There are sometimes I'm in the same place or a hard situation n I say haven't I said this...or haven't I've been here...just strange....I guess it can be my reaction...n for the bad situation yes my responds r the same...but I truely believe that the person who is being toxic has no connection with me....I totally don't see myself in this negitive toxic person....I was told I should approach this person and b an example on how to treat people....but why should I try this when that person can't see or even change...yea I do know I can change my creation...n yes I have to try ...n that's on me...but to see myself in this toxic woman I can' maybe I'm not looking hard...but it is actually better sometimes to stay far away to....just a thought

    1. Maybe she is an example of how NOT to be...