Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not Sure If You're Spiritual?

If you think taking a trip to India or seeking a guru is needed to live a spiritual life, think again.

Spiritual living is accessible to all of us simply because we all are spirit.

Spirituality is our personal relationship with the energy of the Universe. It is not religion; it doesn't mean following a specific set of "rules" to reach "enlightenment." Spirituality arises from deep within. It's when you come to know that there is much more to life than what is; and even though you can't fully articulate it, you have felt it affirmed many times. It just is, and it is not reserved only for those who have had some kind of awakening or who are the most zen.

Call it Source. Call it God. Call it Universal Intelligence. Whatever we choose to call it, when we get in touch with this spiritual side, we find ourselves living more harmoniously with others, our environment, nature, and much more. Life begins to flow in magical ways. Even a trip to the local supermarket can turn into an enlightening experience.

It's not about how to become more spiritual, but knowing that you already are. We naturally call spirituality into our lives. Many of us don't realize that we are doing it.

Ever look up into the expanse of night and feel nothing but awe under a sky peppered with millions of stars, wondering what set all of this into motion?

Ever help someone in need because you were moved to help, without expecting anything in return?

Ever been guided by your intuition, only to find out that it spared you from some kind of danger?

Ever felt the power of forgiveness?

Ever felt compelled to seek the truth in situations?

Ever become so absorbed in a creative endeavor that time didn't matter, and hours passed by in what seemed like minutes?

If so, then you have felt your spiritual energy in action. It's moments like these that demonstrate your connection with a powerful, inexplicable source of energy and life. It's a connection that is always there, whether you are aware of it or not.

Acknowledge it. Explore it. Embrace it. Honor it. Spirituality is our natural state.


  1. The first time I felt what you are saying, I was on a high school trip to see a total eclipse of the sun, in 1970. When the shadow that precedes totality swept over where we were, all the birds stopped singing. It was totally still and you could feel a....power. I don't feel that I'm that spiritual a person, but I still remember that moment, some 44 years later. I've felt some of those other things you describe, too. So...hmmm. Alana visiting from UBC.

    1. What an amazing experience, Alana! And what a way to witness the power of the energy of's moments like these that I feel are true communion.

      Thank you for sharing this, and may you be blessed with more of these experiences in your life. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.