Thursday, October 30, 2014

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Everyone loves hearing or telling stories. Stories spur our imagination. Stories give us hope. Stories allow us to express ourselves -- our hopes, our fears, our challenges.

Ever stop to think about the kinds of stories you are telling? To yourself? To others?

Do you relate stories of hope and imagination?

Or do you share stories of doom and gloom?

And, do you realize that you can limit or expand yourself by the stories that you tell?

change your story
Think about the stories you have created about yourself. Do you like those stories? If so, great. Keep telling them. If not, then do what a writer does...delete the story and start over. Begin telling a new and different of success, not failure.

We are either failure-conscious or success-conscious. You are the only one who can rewrite your story. Change your story and you change your life. Authoring your story sometimes requires revision. Make yours the best version you can.

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