Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Universe Does Not Judge

universe - thought bubble
The power of the Universe is at our disposal at any given moment.

Actually, we use it all the time whether we realize it or not. It's how we create our experiences, good, bad, and ugly.

It does not judge or differentiate between good or bad, or right or wrong. It delivers based on our belief system, emotion, and readiness.

It reflects our desires. When we believe and feel that we are ready for that which we desire, the Universe rearranges itself and begins the manifestation process. However, when we ask for something, and we feel/believe we are not ready for it, the Universe will perceive us as is -- as someone who wants something but isn't ready, and there we will remain in our self-created struggle.

Whenever we invalidate or deny something, we empower it in our mind. The more we think about what we don't want, the more power we give it to manifest in our lives.

Instead, we must think about what we do want. And we must be very specific in our requests. The Universe likes details, and the more details we give, the better, or it will grant things that do not completely fulfill our expectations.

Take no thought as to how things will occur. We need not worry about the basic mechanism involved. Trust the Universe to rearrange energy patterns behind the scenes to manifest our desires. When we have a specific desire backed by a strong and clear emotion, we have already begun the process of manifestation.

Things will remain the same until we are able to change our thought process, our belief system, and our thought habits.

No matter what we think, the Universe will always provide, according to our dominant thoughts and beliefs. It pays to know what yours are.


  1. Don't know where my comment went to so here it is again ..
    So true that our thoughts create our reality because what we ponder upon becomes the moment. But the Universe will also stop what is detrimental to us and nudge us onto the path we are meant to be on. And thank goodness for that. :)

    1. Indeed, thank goodness for that, Suzy!

      Thanks for stopping by!