Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Power of Detours

So. . .you've been detoured in life. . .
It happens.
Enjoy the scenery anyway.
Sometimes detours in life are necessary.
There are always new things to see, new people to meet, and new wonders to experience.
When detours happen, the best thing we can do is to open our minds and our hearts to them.
The key to handling detours is our reaction to them.  We have a choice.  We really do.
You can resist, get angry, and allow detours to turn you into a bitter, depressed, unhappy person, or you can ease into the experience, go with the flow, and see what each detour has in store for you.  You will find yourself becoming a better, stronger, wiser person.
Embrace life's detours.  Let them take you where they will.  You'll soon realize that detours are part of life's journey.  Without them we wouldn't become the people we are meant to be.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quit Your Addiction To The News

I quit my addiction to watching the news.
The news, whether on TV, online, or in a newspaper, is nothing but a collection of negative communication.  We learn about catastrophes, financial ruin, terrorist attacks, murders and all kinds of disasters and cruelties that leave us in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear.
Whenever I got caught up in such negative energy, I began to feel weak and powerless.  Before I knew it, my immunity (both physical and spiritual) declined, and I started drawing in the experiences that confirmed my fears.
Living with anxiety induced by the media activates stress hormones.  When this happens, we lose our ability to think clearly.  According to brain studies, stress hormones constrict blood vessels in the forebrain, suppressing the center of deliberate action (in the front cerebral cortex).  The energy of fear can paralyze us.
But that's not all.
Falling asleep with fear and stress allows such energy into our sleep awareness, when we are most susceptible to suggestion.  Our brain (our consciousness) "stores" this information.  This can have enormous significance.meditation-1000062_1280
Consider your viewing habits.  Besides the news, what kinds of movies do you watch?  A movie that is well-done will seize your emotions.  A movie may last a couple of hours, but the information goes into our memory storehouse.  The subconscious mind does not differentiate between fantasy and reality; instead, it stores such information as "memories" thus directing future information based on these experiences, whether fictional or not.
Remember, like attracts like.  The more we watch the news or the kinds of movies that are full of violence or drama, the more we fortify a resonance field of worry and fear.
Instead of identifying more and more with what you DO NOT want, try identifying more and more with what you DO WANT.
How? Allow energies that are conducive to your health and well-being for a few days to see how it affects you, and then expand from there.  Try the following:
  • Limit your news intake.  Wean yourself.  Better yet, quit cold turkey.  The sooner, the better.
  • Read literature that uplifts and edifies you.
  • Listen to uplifting music, such as meditation, massage, or Reiki music.
  • Associate with people who support and encourage you.
  • Keep a journal filled with positive affirmations and thoughts.
  • Send letters/e-mails/cards filled with the energy of love.
  • Repeat positive, affirmative statements to yourself as you begin to drift off to sleep.
  • When confronted with the news, send blessings.  Send light and love in its direction.
  • Watch movies and programs that inspire and encourage you.
The more often you do this, the faster those influences will become your reality.
Let yourself be well.

Living With The Unknown

There is so much mystery to life.  We will never know what the unknown holds for us.
It's baffling.  It's unnerving.  It's confounding.
And it's exciting!
How you communicate with yourself when you are facing the unknown is going to determine how quickly and gracefully you master this part of your life.
Take the attitude that all things -- all things -- work out. . .somehow, some way, for the highest good.
Take the plunge. Dive in. Find out. Imagine the possibilities! Don't let fear hold you hostage, or you will miss out on living.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today Is Your Lucky Day

japanese proverb
Today is your lucky day!
The moment we make a decision, Unseen Assistance begins to move in the direction of that decision.
Things begin to move and happen.
Doors open.  Opportunities blossom.  Resources present themselves.
The energy of our decision begins to multiply and expand to bring things into manifestation.
The more energy we give and the more we act on the opportunities that come our way, the more we find ourselves in a natural flow, that State of Grace that reminds us that we matter to Something much greater than ourselves.
For this we give our gratitude.
This is not to say that there won't be any obstacles.  Obstacles are another form (the shadow side) of opportunity to find out what we are truly made of.  They help us to strengthen our staying power and our faith.  Learning from them is part of the journey.
Remaining positive and staying focused while giving gratitude is the energy needed to fuel manifestation and to push us past (through) those *obstacles*.
You have what it takes.  Decide to do it.  And watch what happens.