Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today Is Your Lucky Day

japanese proverb
Today is your lucky day!
The moment we make a decision, Unseen Assistance begins to move in the direction of that decision.
Things begin to move and happen.
Doors open.  Opportunities blossom.  Resources present themselves.
The energy of our decision begins to multiply and expand to bring things into manifestation.
The more energy we give and the more we act on the opportunities that come our way, the more we find ourselves in a natural flow, that State of Grace that reminds us that we matter to Something much greater than ourselves.
For this we give our gratitude.
This is not to say that there won't be any obstacles.  Obstacles are another form (the shadow side) of opportunity to find out what we are truly made of.  They help us to strengthen our staying power and our faith.  Learning from them is part of the journey.
Remaining positive and staying focused while giving gratitude is the energy needed to fuel manifestation and to push us past (through) those *obstacles*.
You have what it takes.  Decide to do it.  And watch what happens.

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